Added Values

Hologram Under Lamination

Only card manufacturer in UAE to have the facility Hologram under-lamination. (currently not offered) For instance, in Vehicle license – Falcon 3D hologram is hotstamped on-top of the card surface. This hologram is susceptible to wear. With our optional process, we could hotstamp the hologram on one of the card layer and protect it with overlay. This would protect the hologram, till the life of the card.

Rainbow Printing Feature

The designs of Cards (Driving license / Vehicle license/ etc) contains guilloches which we could do in printing. In addition to this, we have the facility of Rainbow printing (currently not offered) which would make card much more difficult to counterfeit.

Just in Time Delivery

As local card manufacturer, we would produce the card and would stock these items and would provide on call. This would help RTA to reduce on with the inventories.

Core & Overlay Cleaning

As a part of the production process, our machines are equipped with unique system of core and overlay cleaning at the time of collation. This would completely remove any foreign particles (dirt / dust) from getting in-between the core and overlay resulting in superior quality product.

Metallocene printing


Tactile effect (Varnish / Lamination Plates)

We could produce tactile effect on the final finished cards (either with varnish / custom lamination plates) which would have different feel on the card surface.