United Security Printing (USP) is the security printing division of United Printing and Publishing (UPP), working under the umbrella of Abu Dhabi Media. Building on our heritage with Abu Dhabi Media and United Printing and Publishing gives us deep insight and understanding of clients’ needs across the region, and a wealth of expertise to create a secure chain of trust with all sectors.

USP is a single source provider of Total Security Printing Solutions, catering to the evolving and expanding secure printing business needs of Banking, Government, Telecom, Retail, Hospitality, Transport and other industries seeking efficiency, security and personalization.

We specialize in High security cards and have a wealth of highly specialized technologies and production know-how, extending to the most hard-to-process materials like Polycarbonate.

We have the capacity to manufacture, personalize and fulfill over 40 Million SIM Cards and over 50 Million multiple pin prepaid vouchers, and over 100 Million retail cards per annum.

All of this, combined with our competitive pricing, short lead time, flexibility in service and the knowledge that the cards are produced from a single secure and accredited UAE site, makes USP the perfect choice to create a secure chain of trust.