Continuous commitment to quality and security assurance is reinforced across everything we do.

Security Features


Guilloches are printed security lines – the layout of the intersections and geometry is unique. Copying is inhibited by the layout arrangement of fine lines, rainbow print and the exact colour calibration. (Level 1, printed)

Rainbow Print (Iris Print)

The colours gradually change their shade from one colour to the next. Colour copies cannot reproduce this effect and counterfeiting can be detected very easily. (Level 1, printed)

Micro text

Fine line or microprinting refers to very thin and small printed characters or entire words. Without the use of a magnifying lens the font appears as a continuous line. The characters contained in these lines cannot be reproduced with conventional copy methods. (Level 2, printed)

Security Stripe

Metallised or partly demetallised holographic security stripes can be used as security threads up to a width of 2 mm, non-metallised Kinegram® stripes up to 4 mm. Both solutions can be arranged vertically or horizontally under the top layer of the card.(Level 1-2, applied)


Optical Variable ink is a security feature showing different colours as the angle of view changes. Using a dark background colour, the colour changing effect can be enhanced. (Level 1-2, printed)

Fluorescent Print (UV Print)

Fluorescent ink is invisible under daylight. By viewing the card under UV light (A + B), design structures or texts become visible either in blue, red, green/yellow or blue. This “UV” printing element cannot be copied. (Level 2, printed)

IR Up Converting Feature

A special pigment is mixed into a printing ink using a special process. Stimulated with invisible IR light (laser beamer with certain range of wave length) the pigment reflects visible light in greenish/bluish shades. (Level 2, printed)

Positive/Negative Embossing (Surface Relief)

Using sophisticated structured lamination plates, the cards can be finished with a raised and deepened structure to produce the so called “positive/negative” embossing. This structure can consist of Guilloches, Micro text, logos etc. Also latent images are possible. (Level 1-2, special processing)

Laser Engraving

High secure laser engraving makes the identification document practically “impossible to forge”. It is possible to laser engrave any kind of personalized information – i.e. text, photos and signatures. The personalized information additionally can be protected by laser engraving through an holographic element like a Kinegram ®. (Level 1-3, personalized)


The CLI/ MLI use an area of very fine lenticular lenses. In a highly specialized process, the lenses are integrated into the transparent overlay of the card body. Up to three images can be integrated into these areas by using laser technology. These images appear and disappear while tilting the card vertically for a CLI or horizontally for an MLI. (Level 1, special processing)