Physical Security

A dedicated, controlled facility exclusively for USP.

With global business hinging on global security, a state-of-the-art Integrated Security System has been included in the design of our facility, to handle the most complex security needs you may have.


This Integrated Security System ensures that we manage card production and customer data in a controlled environment. By synchronizing data and time, we have instant and total security control.

Security is our second skin.
USP adopts security concepts that are best among our industry.  Based on the security Risk Assessment of our secure card manufacturing facility located in Abu Dhabi and spread over 4751 sq.m at ground level and 1336 Sq.m at Mezzanine level, our facility has been classified into five (5) levels of security zones in order to provide a methodology for physical security mitigation. Our five security zones are classified from Low secure level to Critical secure Level.

Our physical security plan of building and production sections are developed and equipped with appropriate infrastructure. Application of requirements is based on business impact level for any compromise, loss of integrity or unavailability of information. Physical assets within these zones give assurance in information and asset sharing arrangements.

The primary outcomes of the zones methodology are to give a scalable level of protection from:

  • unauthorized or covert access and forcible attack.

The physical security measures in higher level zones includes tamper evidence and is:

  • highly resistant to covert attacks to protect information, or
  • highly resistant to forcible attack to protect assets.

 Physical security in USP involves use of interdependent systems which include an IP Camera surveillance system, security guards, Infrared beams, Access control System, Vibration detectors and many other techniques.

More than 100 IP Cameras for surveillance system have been deployed across the entire USP facility to capture every single activity. Our IP Cameras are highly advanced; capable of recording activities even in low or no light, at night (Infrared IP Cameras).

Access control methods are used to monitor and control traffic through specific access points and areas of the secure facility. This is done using a variety of systems including IP Camera surveillance, identification cards, security guards, and access control systems such as security turnstile doors and electronically controlled gates.

USP has adopted a Visitor Management system, which helps the security guards easily control all visitors to the USP facility and to maintain track records for our future reference.