Processes and Protocols

The most stringent processes and protocols.

USP processes are well defined and aligned with the requirements of our internal and external customers, our company objectives and scope. Processes are visually mapped in a sequence of events to manufacture cards, security printed documents with the definition of cycle time, inventory and equipment information, to add value to our customers.

All the processes are standardized with set protocols to achieve a higher amount of success in reproduction and repeatability. USP adopts Process Approach methodology which is well accepted globally, established process engineering standards and defined procedures in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, VISA, Master Card and SAS Standard requirements.

Process & System improvement


USP management believes that in the current competitive global market continual improvement of each process becomes mandatory in order to be more effective and efficient.

To have continual improvement in each process, it is essential to know current status of our process through the defined Key Performance Indicators [KPI]. At regular intervals KPI’s are measured and reviewed by the management team and initiates continual improvement projects. USP adopts Six Sigma methodology for improving the process standard level for achieving breakthrough or continual improvements.

USP has well known and branded machinery for its prepress, press, post press and personalization processes. With well-established approach to the process, USP has defined its stringent product quality requirements as per ISO 7810, ISO 7816, ISO 14443 and Master Card CQM [Card quality Management] standards.

USP believes in concepts of quality assurance rather quality control approach. In order to assure the quality of product, USP has established well equipped laboratory for testing the product as per ISO 10373 standard requirements.

Ultimate objective is to satisfy our Customers with best quality products, which fit for their application and use. To maintain the satisfaction level of our customers, USP has stringent visual inspection process for its products before delivering to customer and follows ISO 2859-1 Sampling inspection standards (at producer’s risk) for our visual inspection process.