Identification Cards

Government and Non-governmental ID Cards

With emerging global market and increasing traffic of people everywhere, the ability to recognize and being recognized immediately, uniquely and securely, becomes a vital role in many government bodies and organizations. USP customers have a decisive advantage as our technologies are at the cutting edge of our technical expertise.

USP Specializes in High Security ID cards and has therefore acquired a wealth of highly specialized technologies and production know-how, extending to the most hard-to-process materials like Polycarbonate [PC]. It is up to customer to make their choice between PVC, PET G, PC or an alternative card material for the Card body based on the field of application and combine it with a set of security features that emphasizes the card design and help to prevent fraud.

Field of Application

govt id chart1

We offer a full range of ID card printing services such as Contact Chip, Contactless Chip, Hybrid or Dual interface Cards including various memory capacities and the operating system that can be tailored to your needs and budgets. Other than Smart ID Cards, we offer various types of Magnetic stripe as well for customer requirements. To support the ID market USP has partnered with world-renowned smart card solution providers for operating systems. We have our own technical expertise for designing and developing the STK applets and any other custom applets.

USP has the capability to incorporate different level of security features during Card body Production and personalization. USP has classified its security features in to Four (4) levels

Level 1 – No equipment required in order to verify authenticity

Level 2 – Simple device required to verify authenticity

Level 3 – Forensic equipment & special knowledge required to verify authenticity

Level 4 – Authenticity only verifiable by manufacturer


Levels of Security Features

Levels of Security Features -chart