Telecom Sector

Expand your business with next generation technologies.

USP’s facility has the capacity to manufacture and personalize and fulfil over 40 million SIM cards per annum all from one secure site. We can offer a number of different substrates and print finishes complementing your existing branding and making sure that your card is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We offer a full range of SIM card services such as CDMA, RUIM, GSM 2G, GSM 3G, LTE SIM, 5G including various memory capacities, browsers and applets that can be tailored to your needs and budget. To support the SIM market USP has partnered with world renowned smart card solution providers for the operating systems. We have our own technical expertise for designing and developing the STK applets and any other custom applets.

Complementary services are also offered such as the personalization and fulfillment packaging of SIM cards including micro sim cards in various type of carriers with collaterals such as leaflets, user manual booklets and promotional literature.

All of this, combined with our competitive pricing, short lead time, flexibility in service and the knowledge that the cards are produced from a single secure UAE site, makes USP the perfect choice for all Mobile network operators.

Sim Sizes

  • Standard Sim

  • Micro Sim

  • Nano Sim