Whistle Blowing - TAWASAL

United Printing & Publishing is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct, ethics and accountability as well as full compliance with all applicable bi-laws, government laws, rules and regulations. It recognizes that all of its stakeholders have an important role to play in achieving this goal.

In line with UPP’s commitment to open communication, all stakeholders must feel comfortable in reporting any instance where they believe violations, malpractices and other wrongdoings have occurred. The Whistle Blowing “TAWASAL” allows all stakeholders to report their concerns through a confidential, secured and independent reporting channel.

UPP has endorsed the provisions set out below in order to ensure that no members of staff should feel at a disadvantage in raising legitimate concerns. It should be emphasized that this document is intended to assist individuals who believe that they have discovered malpractice or impropriety to report any suspected violations through the While Blowing “TAWASAL”– including the Website, email, mail box, land line and mail boxes distributed in UPP/USP/Tawzea premises.

Any reporting of illegal, unethical or inappropriate events, behaviour or practices will be dealt with in confidence. The Whistle Blowing “TAWASAL” is intended for the reporting of concerns with regard to (but not limited to) the following:

  • Violation of any applicable laws, rules or regulations, internal policies, bi-laws or appropriate professional standards;
  • Misuse of authority or neglect in the performance of an official duty;
  • Concerns relating to corruption, dishonest behavior and misuse of power by management personnel;
  • Failure to comply with legal obligations;
  • Serious threat to the health or safety of an individual, the public or the environment;
  • Violation of UPP's Code of ethics / Conduct;
  • Theft or misappropriation of UPP assets;
  • Deliberate error, misstatements or questionable accounting treatment in the preparation, evaluation, review or audit of any financial statement of UPP or its subsidiaries;
  • Fraud, corruption and other unethical conduct; or
  • Misrepresentation, intentional omission or hiding facts.

Please refer to our Whistle Blowing policy for further details and clarifications.